Welcome to the nature’s best world of Saffron. We would like to introduce our self as one the leading dealers in all types of best quality saffron and especially Kashmiri Saffron (Kesar) is our speciality. We are now in this field now for than a decade now. The saffron that we provide is extra-long, deep red in color that expands even further on soaking. We at Shiva Sales Corporation make sure that there is no compromise on quality that we provide. Shiva Sales Corporation guarantees our consumer that each batch of saffron that leaves our factory has nature’s freshness…..

At Shiva Sales Corporation, we focus on only 2 objective i.e. First comes quality, wherein We have maintained such strict quality supervision so as to make sure that natural quality of saffron is packed. We have also hired quality control supervisors. These officers monitor every stage minutely, right from the separation of saffron threads till the final dispatch of the Saffron Box. We also make sure each saffron thread is manually very carefully checked for any foreign matter and we ensure that not even a single foreign material finds its way into our packs. Crocus saffron is famous for its natural color, fragrance and taste that it adds to the recipes that are used.

At Crocus saffron, the second objective is Customer satisfaction & on time delivery. We have our talented team of professionals who guide you to maintain the freshness of our product and minimize the loss or damage of the products due to any geographical condition.

All packages of Crocus saffron is sealed in the elegantly designed packaging of
1g,0.5g,0.25g,20g & single pack use pack with a unique foil each to preserve the freshness of saffron.

We believe in our motto i.e.

Our Infrastructure


We have our own manufacturing, processing and packaging unit. Our hardworking employee cleans & separates every saffron thread by hand under proper hygienic supervision so that each box is packed with pure, fresh natural quality of saffron.

We have a complete in-house packaging unit in our factory, wherein right from the manufacturing of plastic dubbi, printing on the dubbi, manufacturing & packing of each box is done in our own factory using state of the art machinery. So that every single gram sold is packed with unmatched quality of saffron. We also make sure that each batch of saffron is quality tested before it leaves our factory.

We also have cold storage facilities wherein we store our saffron at all times so that its quality is preserved round the year.

Our Products


Crocus Saffron 1g Card Pack


A beautiful, compact, modern pack encloses the finest quality of kashmiri saffron available.


Rajwadi Kesar 1g Card Pack


A beautiful, compact, modern pack encloses the finest quality of Pushali saffron available.